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Identifying Symptoms

The exact causes of Myasthenia are complex and varied, depending upon the genetic or acquired version a patient has.

However if you are looking at this page, with the simple task of trying to identify symptoms, (maybe in order to consider or discount this condition), then below we list some basic / classic symptoms.

These are by no mean universal, nor are they exhaustive.. but they may give you enough clues to help work things out in collaboration with you own medical consultant. Our combined experience has revealed that no two patients appear to have exactly the same symptoms.

Myasthenic Symptoms, (either permanent of occasional)

  • Fluctuating muscle strength.. leading to extreme weakness

  • Drooping Eyelids, (ptosis)

  • Occasional squints in the eye

  • Slurred speech, (dysarthria)

  • Weakness in all or some general motor groups, legs, arms, hands, neck

  • occasional difficulty in swallowing / choking hazard

  • respiratory difficulties, especially at a time of infection and raised temperature. (this can lead to medical emergencies and resuscitation)

Basic testing can be achieved through EMG, Endrophonium/Tensilon Test, or a trial course of Pyridostigmine.
New dignostic tools are becoming apparent, and we hope to produce further content on this in the future.